Travelling without Moving
After Bert Teunissen

After: Dutch documentary photographer Bert Teunissen,
who alongside documentary projects made the series 'On the road'
depicting his travels to and from locations of his subjects.

In recent years online video platforms such as Youtube, Twitch have increased significantly,
channels where professional travelers such as truck drivers,
beside vlogging about their work, share the full extend of a journey taken,
by means of live broadcasting.
By 2020 this being over a million hours of archived video material.

One can join the rides virtually at any time and since many roads have been covered,
one can basically travel the roads around the globe from their armchair.
With that the 'armchair-traveller' has got to a extend never explored before.

As I stepped back into my role of the 'armchair-traveller',
or rather an 'armchair-hitchhiker', I joined many rides,
and just as Teunissen photographed through the windscreen,
I documented the roads appearing on my videoscreen.

These images are a selection.